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What is Concrete Foundations Association and Why is it Important?

ABI is a Certified through the Concrete Foundations Association or CFA. Who is the CFA and why is it important to choose a construction team that is CFA certified? The Concrete Foundations Association was established in Chicago in 1975 as an organization for poured wall contractors. The CFA’s mission is to support the cast-in-place contractor

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Kansas City Foundation Repair Issues? Call ABI Corporation!

Did you know that ABI does foundation repairs? ABI has been installing new basements since1969 and that gives us the distinct advantage of diagnosing and repairing your existing foundation problems. There are many things for you, the homeowner, to watch for when it comes to your homes’ foundation: Cracks that appear in walls, especially over

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ABI Corporation Does Waterproofing!

ABI utilizes the Action Waterproofing System. This type of waterproofing protection is a polymer modified asphalt emulsion membrane. Advantages of Polymer Modified Asphalt Emulsion Membrane: The use of polymer increases the elasticity and flexibility of the asphalt emulsion Polymer provides outstanding cohesion to surfaces Low vapor permeance Can be applied by spray, roller, or brush

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All Cracked Up – ABI Corporation Loves Concrete

Concrete is the most used man-made substance in the world, it is fabricated by mixing dry aggregate (sand or gravel) with cement and then water. This creates a slurry of thick liquid which can be molded and transported with ease. The amount of concrete used world-wide is double than the total amounts of wood, steel,

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