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All Cracked Up – ABI Corporation Loves Concrete

Concrete is the most used man-made substance in the world, it is fabricated by mixing dry aggregate (sand or gravel) with cement and then water. This creates a slurry of thick liquid which can be molded and transported with ease. The amount of concrete used world-wide is double than the total amounts of wood, steel, plastic, and aluminum combined. Today most construction companies use reinforced concrete; which is reinforced with steel bars (like a frame) which give the material added strength. Why do we use concrete? A few benefits are listed below:

Non-combustible—(it does not burn); so it is fire resistant. When correctly constructed, it is virtually fire proof.

Durability—concrete has a very long useful life and can stand up to weathering agents like sea salt and extreme temperatures.

Re-Use & Renewal—concrete buildings can be stripped bare to their concrete core and reestablished for new purposes.

Waterproof—concrete is able to be used for bridges or construction areas that are prone to flooding. This is the major reason why it is so effective for foundations and basements.

Acoustic—concrete provides great sound insulation because of its weight.

ABI Corporation provides full service concrete solutions to owners, contractors, and developers of warehouses, office space, manufacturing facilities and other light commercial settings. Our services include:

• New Construction
• Residential & Commercial
• Poured Concrete Walls
• Parking Lots
• Concrete Driveways
• Repair & Replacement
• Basement & Garages
• Patios & Porches
• Sidewalks
• Concrete Floors
• Concrete Steps

When considering a company for your concrete needs call ABI Corporation at 816-795-0073, we service the entire Kansas City Metro area – both Kansas and Missouri!

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