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Our History

Action Basements Inc. was founded in 1968 and was originally operated from the basement of founder Gary Bromley. ABI Corporation was originally named Action Basement Inc. In the early years, the business was a one-crew residential basement contractor. ABI Corporation’s first employee was Dan, Gary’s son in 1982. Dan (now president) brought the vision of the future to the business. He reflects, “I pushed my dad toward more technology and that year we got our first computer.” As the company expanded to include much more than basements, the name was upgraded to ABI Corporation to reflect those changes.

Another important change came in the mid 1980’s; ABI Corporation joined the Concrete Foundations Association (CFA).  By joining CFA, the company learned to add services was key in growing the business.  Involvement with the CFA also taught ABI Corporation leadership that technology was going to be pivotal for the construction industry.  Gary remembers, “We were performing our layout with electronic transits when our competitors were still using string line and tape measures.”  Other innovations utilized by ABI Corporation were Auto Crete, (a software program for concrete  contractors) and an electronic lock bolting system that enables correct rebar placement.  Currently, ABI Corporation is certified with CFA.  To gain certification, a company must have a Certified Foundation Technician on staff and meet certain standards for safety, insurance training, and financial stability. (Requirements are verified by an independent verification company and continuing education must be adhered to maintain certification).

This one man crew has grown over the past 3 decades to include 44 employees.  Now ABI Corporation is a prime contender in both the residential and commercial markets.  ABI Corporation realizes the importance of the customer.  Indeed it is the customer who drives the success of the business.  ABI Corporation realizes that the experience and expertise it has developed in its growing years and the skill and flexibility of their crew allows ABI Corporation to be faster and more flexible as many solely commercial concrete companies.

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