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What is Concrete Foundations Association and Why is it Important?

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ABI is a Certified through the Concrete Foundations Association or CFA.

Who is the CFA and why is it important to choose a construction team that is CFA certified?

The Concrete Foundations Association was established in Chicago in 1975 as an organization for poured wall contractors.

The CFA’s mission is to support the cast-in-place contractor as the voice and recognized authority for the residential concrete industry.

History of the CFA at a Glance

Their original name was the “National Poured Wall Association.”

Founding members and key players at that time were Bob Sawyer, Larry Clark, and Charlie Jones. 20 contractors attended the first general membership meeting, within three years membership had grown to around 50 members.

The organization grew by adding members within their industry and underwent many name changes throughout the years. The new members included: suppliers, manufacturers, design professionals within the industry, and Canadians. Finally, in 1990 the organization chose the name of Concrete Foundations Association.

Importance and Benefits of CFA Certification for Contractors

CFA Certified Contractors have employees that have shown knowledge of concrete science and foundation construction and a detailed understanding of the necessary residential codes and standards.

CFA Certified Contractors must prove this knowledge by passing the CFA Certification Exam.

The CFA Certification Exam covers these essential topics in construction:

  • Certification Foundation Technician
  • Insurance Requirements
  • Safety Program Requirements
  • Continuing Education
  • Financial Soundness of the Business Entity
  • Related Certifications or Verifiable Training for Specialty Equipment
  • Experience

Why this is Beneficial for ABI’s Clients?

Knowing that ABI Corp. is CFA certified provides credibility and ensures that your company’s construction project is forged by professionals within the industry who have sound, clear, and proven knowledge of industry standards. ABI’s knowledge of the construction industry standards, rules, and protocols offers you peace of mind from the beginning to the completion of your project as well as any future updates or requirements.

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